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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  February 16, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. and breaking news. poison lurking in your baby food? the startling new consumer warning about arsenic hiding inside what your infant is eating. breaking news on whitney houston's final days. the new details on what they're turning up about how the superstar really died. family showdown. the police versus josh powell's relatives. as a bizarre controversy erupts over where he'll be buried. off with his head. the growing feud between the british prince and the superstar. is the oscar winning actor headed for a royal knockout?
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the big crescendo. >> that's right. i guess sean penn is not going to be sir sean penn anytime soon. >> i don't think so. and the big fight on the campaign trail. mitt romney up against the wall. his home state. his dad was the governor. now he's behind rick santorum. can romney recover from a loss there? >> the last go-round he won. and nancy grace under fire this morning for her controversial comments over what she said may have happened to whitney houston. >> i would like to know who was around her. who, if anyone, gave her drugs? who let her slip or pushed her underneath that water? apparently no signs of force or trauma to the body. who let her go under her water. >> eyes wide in the studio looking at the crew.
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>> pushed her. >> oh, wow, nancy will be here to talk about that. set the record straight, hopefully. also, cindy crawford. remember, a couple of weeks ago, her 10-year-old daughter, kaia was going step into her footsteps. now mom is having some second thoughts. let's get right to the major consumer alert. a new study out this morning about arsenic that may be in your baby's formula. also energy bars. rich besser is here to talk about it. >> i'm very concerned about this. we're talking about baby formula. baby formula is the main source of nutrition for many children in the first period of their lives. >> what did they find in the study? >> they looked at 17 different formulas. they found that two of them has high levels of arsenic. both of them were organic. and both had as main ingredient,
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something called organic brown rice syrup. you want to make sure as a parent you're reading the label. if you're using organic baby formula is the first ingredient organic rice brown syrup, i would consider using another one. >> cereal bars, energy bars. they looked that, too? >> they did. the shots and the cereal bars. those that had rice as one of the top five ingredients also had high levels of arsenic. this is concerning. it concerns me less tan the for. in general, if you're having one a day, it's not a beg issue. if you're having a lot of those, i would cut back and look for something else. >> that's a choice. formula is sometimes not. that, you can or cannot take the energy bar of cereal bar.
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there's other options. >> that's right. >> why are we hearing so much about arsenic lately? >> it's getting to be a big problem. every month, a different food group and arsenic. we need a comprehensive approach. we need the food and drug administration to look across the food supply, how can we eat a balanced diet, a healthy diet to eat something that is not poisonous. people choose organic because they think it's healthier. how do you balance that and not put yourself at risk? >> thanks, rich. >> coming up in so many different places. to the latest on whitney houston. investigators are zeroing in on her medical records. jim avila is on the case in california. >> reporter: while they're questioning whitney houston's doctors, they're cooperating. those subpoenas are mere
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formalities to allow the doctors to turn over her medical records. this is whitney houston's official death certificate. the cause, deferred. the manner, pending investigation. l.a. county corn nor investigators have contacted doctors from los angeles to atlanta and have so far found no evidence of criminal activity or any reason to believe whitney houston was doctor shopping to abuse prescription drugs. this former investigator says this is a routine inquiry. they're only trying to find out why she's died, not launch a criminal investigation. >> the coroner's office is responsible for what happened and how it was done. that's their responsibility. they're medical detectives. they're not out to apprehend a suspect or prosecute. >> reporter: this investigation is quote nothing like jackson's.
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it took the coroner's office three months to announce the cause of his death. his bedroom was filled with pill bottles and hundreds of individual pils. unlike that case there were just a few pill bottles in houston's suite when she died. she is expected to be eulogized on saturday. it will be live streamed on the internet. and as for the tabloid reports that the family doesn't want bobby brown to attend the funeral, abc news is told that while there is bad blood between the families, he will be invited because he's the father of witny houston's child. george? >> if your piece, you show how the coroners are being forceful, saying this case is nothing like michael jackson, at all. no evidence of doctor shopping. how can they be so sure? >> reporter: they're seeing a couple of different things. first of all, there were not a
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load of pills in her suite when they found her body. gn that's different from the jackson case. they didn't find a lot of doctor's names on the pills. and not one doctor prescribing a massive amount of one type of pill. >> a lot of different piece fls. jim avila, thank you very much. we'll have a lot more on a special edition of "20/20," tomorrow at 9:00, 8:00 central. let's go to dan harris for the top stories. he's in for josh. we start this morning with the mounting fury in that horrific prison fire. at least 358 people were killed after an inmate set fire to his mattress. the prison was built to hold 400. there were over 80 there.
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many of the people killed were not tried. they were jald because they were suspected gang members. the president of afghanistan telling the wall street journal that american and afghan officials are participating in secret three-way talks with the taliban. offering no other details saying he didn't want to damage the process. most taliban plemembers are interested in striking a peace deal. the accused underwear bomber is expected to be sentenced to life in prison today. prosecutors say if abdulmutallab has been successful with detonating the bomb in his underwear, all 280 people on board the plane would have died. investigators are looking into an e. coli outbreak
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connected to the jimmy john's restaurant chain. this is the fourth outbreak of food-borne outbreaks at jimmy john's. we're getting confused looks on what clover sprouts might be. j.d. power out with a list of the most dependable cars on the road. from this list, apparently money does buy you reliability. the least dependable, chrysler and jeep products finishing near the bottom of the list. next time you see a road warning about falling rock, remember this picture. this guy was driving through the french alps when that 20-ton boulder crashed on the his car. he survived. he's expected to fully recover. finally this morning,
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history has been made 250 miles above the planet earth this morning. the firsthand shake between an astronaut and a robonaut in space. the robot greeting the space station commander. he's being tested to help humans with space chores. a tart comment from a producer this morning saying that he hopes some day robots will anchor the news. i'm just saying. >> did he now? >> yes, he did. >> can we have name, please? >> think it was specifically directed at me. maybe i was sassing him a little bit. >> and you're going get back to us on clover sprouts. we're going to turn to a big shakeup on the campaign trail. new polls showing rick santorum ahead of mitt romney.
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could a loss there cost romney the nomination? it's "your voice, your vote." with matthew dowd, who, like romney, grew up in michigan. thanks for joining us. romney is treating this like a must-win state. staggering figures. he and his allies are spending about $2 million on tv and radio to $42,000 to rick santorum. almost 50 to 1. what happens if romney loses in michigan? >> it's a huge, crucial moment. i think the most important in the campaign up until now. can he stop rick santorum like he stopped everyone else? it is an unbelievably important moment for mitt romney in his home state. if he loses, it's a much different race. >> they're taking it incredibly
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seriously. i talked to romney officials yesterday. they're banking on, if they expose rick santorum's record, the way they did gingrich's, especially his voting record in congress, he'll go down once people know the record. there's a risk this will backfire. they see him training his fire on every challenger that pops up. >> that's the thing. i don't think he's going to be as easy to take down as gingrich. this has been like a whack-a-mole tournament. every time somebody pops up, romney bats them down. if rick santorum wins this, he'll demonstrate he's not like every other mole in the race. if he does that, we'll have dual front-runners or a brand new front runner the race. >> think that's right. rick santorum doesn't have nearly as much money as romney.
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not on the ballot in indiana. it's hard to see how he could get all the votes. sarah palin is talking about the possibility of no one going to the convention with enough votes to lock this thing up. a contested convention. >> we could have one that is undecided going into it. it would be a whole new dynamic. think michigan sets the tone for the rest of the race. it's important for everybody involved, but most important for mitt romney. >> thanks, matt. a bizarre twist in the powell tragedy. his relatives want him buried near his two young sons. abbie boudreau as the story. >> reporter: only days after charlie and braden powell were laid to rest, controversy erupting over whether their father should be buried nearby. the boys' grandparents, chuck
7:14 am
and judy cox, calling it outrageous. >> i can't see this happening. i hope it goes way quickly. >> reporter: thousands of d dollars in donation have poured in to buy the two plots next to the boys' caskets. the powell family may choose a plot about 25 feet away, overlooking the boys. but the cox family attorney plans to file a temporary restraining order to stop that sale until a judge can intervene. and new details emerging about the gruesome final moments. investigators say powell's charred body was found with a five-gallon gas can between his knees. they believe his two boys were unconscious before he set the explosion. search teams scouring this recycling sernlt for clues. but came up short.
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>> some paperback books with susan's name. map. no markings on it. nothing that will tell us anything. >> reporter: and at this storage unit, a blood-stained comforter. and gas cans. and strange twist, detectives saying powell's home was a sham, set up for social worker visits. a long road ahead for invest garrets, seeking justice for two innocent boys. for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> just when you think the story can't get more bizarre, things like that happen. let's say happy friday eve to sam champion. >> we like the sound of that. good morning, everybody. let's start with big rain in the big state of texas. drought in the last year in that area. almost three inches of rain in a short period of time. they say this road hasn't flooded in at least five years.
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heavy rain, somed radios always flood. this is not one of them. how much moisture is in this system. this system has a story to tell. we'll watch it spread the rain in the gulf. the track has everything to do with -- possible northeast snowstorm. wait, just follow the idea here. i know. follow the idea. here's this low, if it takes the southern path, it shoots up the coastline, leaves rain along the eastern seaboard. by the weekend, if it takes a northern track, possible northeast snowstorm. we'll talk more about it over the next couple of days just to keep you interested and involved.
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>> so heavy rain in the gulf today. showers on the east coast. more weather in the next half hour. >> we want it to stay south. >> yes, we do. to the surprising battle between sean penn and prince william. the oscar winner is taking heat
7:18 am
for taking on william's training mission in the falkland islands. nick, nothing from the prince yet? but just about everyone else is weighing in against penn. >> reporter: george, he's become sean penn the punching bag over here in london. listen, we're coming up on the 30th anniversary of the falklands war. a lot of saber rattling. the brits have deployed a battleship. and now sean penn has waded right into the middle of this toxic geopolitical soup. they're demonstrating in argentina. the brits have sent prince william to the sleepy islands. he's only a rescue pilot. cue sent death match. prince william against sean penn? >> the world today is not going to tolerate any kind of le
7:19 am
ludicrous and archaic -- >> reporter: penn, on a tour, is getting all harvey milk about it. criticizing william's deployment. this usually mild-mannered tv presenter. he wants to feed penn to the crocodil crocodiles. a prish politician called the comments moronic. a good number of his movies have been turkeys. i suppose we shouldn't expect much better coming out of his mouth. hasn't he seen "dead man walking "? penn's a rather good actor. >> he's not like a lot of stars who say these things to get attention. he talks the talk and walks the walk. >> i'm concerned. >> reporter: he does an awful lot of good in places like ha i haiti. has he earned the right to spout? >> how would we feel in america
7:20 am
if a british actor came over and told us how to rule our government? >> reporter: maybe colin firth is fired up about the budget deficit. penn just hit back. my, oh, my, aren't people sensitive to colonialism. some of my country men are choking on the storm in their tea kups. any reaction from william or the royal family? suitly not. i can only imagine that they're muttering in the palace. no way to get into a spat with a hollywood actor and a mustache and left wing leaning. >> think sean penn is loving every second of it. thanks, nick. coming up, a new twist in the uva lacrosse murder trial. why one friend kept asking him, what is wrong with you? the night that yeardley love died. and the husband accused of turning off his wife's air
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good morning, everyone. it is thursday. we're getting closer to friday. but we are dealing with some wet weather earlier today, a few showers. right now basically we're dry. but we do have one little shower just into northern
7:27 am
hartford county at this time . the bulk of the rain off to the west. you can see it into west virginia as of now and also moving its way into virginia. all this will work its way into our area, especially by the time we go into the afternoon. and we are going to be wet. we will need the rain gear and temperatures are going to be above average this morning and even into the afternoon. let's get a check now of that traffic with angela. good morning. reporter: good morning. out there on the roads as you head out, you need to know that all lanes are open on i-95 as well as 895. no troubles getting through the tunnel, just usual delays there. speaking of delays, that's what we have on the top side of the beltway, as we look live here at 695 and providence road, very heavy delays on the outer loop. on the left side of your screen. and that delay continues around to the west side. here's a live look at 695 and baltimore national pike. megan, over to you. bge crews are working hard this morning in southwest baltimore trying to turn the gas back on for people living in that community. officials say the line is fixed. crews worked around the clock since the break on tuesday. hundreds in the area have been
7:28 am
left without gas. today crews will be going door to door on millington avenue and checking in with homeowners, hopefully to make sure there's no water damage. bge will be able to turn the gas back on if that's the case. sentencing is set today for a politician, paul shirk. he worked for former governor bob ehrlich. he's facing 12 years in prison for conspiring to use erobo calls in what prosecutors said was an effort to suppress the african-american vote. we'll let you know about that sentencing today. we're out of time. we'll send you back to new york. we'll have another update in just a bit.
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7:30 am
i'd like to know who was around her, who, if anyone gave her a drug. and who let her slip or pushed her underneath that water. apparently no signs of force or trauma to the body. who let whitney houston go under her water? >> wow. everyone that watches "gma" knows that nancy grace does not mince words. she's taking a lot of heat for those comments. she'll join us live to talk about it all. >> we'll hear what she has to say. and a supermodel's second thoughts. why cindy crawford is pulling her 10-year-old daughter off the runway. wait a minute, guess who is on tour dishing all about her
7:31 am
husband? yes, ali is on the loose. and looking good, i might add. >> looking good. >> she talked to leno about your first date. >> i was asleep. one of our a.p.s gave me a feed this morning. >> and? >> we'll not have a point by point rebuttal. >> why don't we leave it at that. we'll share more in a little bit. but first, right to the uva lacrosse murder trial. the defense now under way after prosecutors wrapped up wends with stunning testimony by the defendant's own teammate. reena ninan, a new member of our team, has more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. they asked for the trial to be dismissed.
7:32 am
the judge denied the motion. the defense team began the days by setting up one crucial point. university of virginia senior yeardley love died by accident. they're arguing she suffocated on a pillow, covered with her own blood. where she was found face down. they brought in a medical expert to support that claim, but didn't explain how love ended up that way. defense attorneys have maintained all along that george huguely was in the room with yeardley. he knocked down the door, shook her, may have grabbed mer by the neck. but he did not kill her. and huguely claims she was fine when he left. the defense could be facing a tough battle. medical experts testified severe trauma to the head caused her brain to hemorrhage. injuries that according to these experts, could not have been self-inflicted. >> the prosecution has done great job of showing how the medical evidence fits with the
7:33 am
testimony evidence from earlier in the case. it's been very powerful. >> reporter: and wednesday, the prosecution called huguely's closest friends, teammates and roommates who all testified he lived about where he was the night yeardley love died. one friend saying his story wasn't adding up. one of the last witnesses called, huguely's friend, ken. he said huguely came back to his apartment aftermidnight and was unresponsive 37 he said he asked huguely repeatedly, what's wrong with you? he got no response. just blank stares. huguely took notes as his friends testified and tried making eye contact with them. >> there might be enough to get an involen tan manslaugt conviction. >> reporter: the prosecution has brought 50 people to the stand. the defense has yet to present a
7:34 am
list of witnesses. it's not clear whether george huguely will take the stand in his own defense. >> thank you. and welcome to abc. we bring in nancy grace. and here with us in the studio, dan abrams. good to see you both. nancy, we heard from huguely's teammates. he's a heavy drinker. he was lying about his whereabouts the night she died. >> even without their testimony, george huguely v is in big trouble. it was audio and video taped, one jor ror sat and looked at huguely the whole time the interview was playing to see him shift back and forth in his seat. he tells cops he had 12 drinks.
7:35 am
he went to the apartment, kicked the door in, he grabbed yeardley love by the throat. that he hit her, threw he down. they wrestled. went down to the ground. then he got disgusted and left, threw her on the bed. had the wherewithal to take the laptop. there was an earlier e-mail that said, i ought to kill you. >> drinking is important. he's saying to police, i don't remember. i can't imagine i actually killed her. i think the drinking is important. it explains why he might not have known what the end result of his actions were. i think this is a case where you're not talking about whether he'll be convicted but what he'll be convicted of. there's so much evidence against him. he's basically admitted, i was there. i was in the room i was at the least wrestling with her.
7:36 am
and grabbing her neck. >> hey, dan. what you think about the defense attempt to try to blame the victim claiming that she was almost double the legal limit for alcohol, plus mixed with adderall. according to my sources, she had a prescription for adderall. >> i'm always maized. they talk about how much over the legal driving limit she may have been. who cares? she wasn't driving. she was at home. she was the victim. >> what happened was the force to her and the rotation to her neck was so severe that the brain blood vessels were twisted. >> their best hope is manslaughter. >> that's what people have said. >> robin, one more quick thing. she volunteered at a soup
7:37 am
kitchen and was a camp counsellor to kids from housing projects. that's what i know about her. and her father passed way in 2003. >> just a lovely family. so tragic. no way around it. nancy, i want to change topics. you know that you stirred up a hornet's nest on monday when you said, and we played the comments earlier, about whitney houston's death. you want to know who pushed her or let her slip under water. angered a lot of people. they felt you went way too far. >> well, if you look at the entire sentence, i understand that some people would consider that jarring or harsh. but there's nothing delicate or nice about a murder, a death, an unexpected death, or an autopsy. and that is what autopsies are for. i know most people are not exposed to medical examers,
7:38 am
autopsies, morgues, medical examiner investigations. that's why you have an autopsy, when something looks unnatural, was it a murder? was it a heart attack? was it an overdose. that's what they were looking at. that's what they had to find out. >> can't you just say, you know what, i was wildly speculating and i'm sorry. i shouldn't have said it? it was inappropriate? >> that is not speculation, dan opinion. >> it's not speculation that she may have been pushed under the water? >> i know that you probably have never tried a murder case or been in a morgue or attended an autopsy, but the reality is that's why you have an autopsy. that's what they were looking for. and if that same breath, i said, there was no evidence of force or trauma to her body. >> and then you went on the wildly speculate. >> as i was saying, the reality
7:39 am
is that an autopsy is a search for the truth. if anyone loves whitney houston as i did, that is what medical examiners do. they looked to see if it was a homicide, natural causes, or accident. i know that's not palatable. >> that's not the reality of this particular investigation. this is why think it's inappropriate. >> it is reality. >> did anyone who is associated with the investigation -- did anyone associated with this investigation say they were looking into who pushed her under the water? >> they were looking for cause of death. and that -- in fact, as a matter of fact, i'm glad you brought that up. they mention in the discussion, there was no sign of force or trauma. that means they looked for it. >> of course they did. >> they were looking at cause of death. >> but then why are you going on
7:40 am
television? >> you're arguing with me over semantics. >> i'm not. i'm talking about a comment on television that was viewed inappropriate. you know what, a nicer way to say that would have been x, y, or z. instead of saying that, you're trying to defend what you said. >> actually, i understand where you're coming from. it would have been truth to say they're looking for cause of death. what that means in the real world, not the ivory tower of harvard law school. not reading dm ining documents talking about it. the real world of an autopsy is to determine cause of death. whether it be overdose, natural causes, accident, or homicide. it's not a homicide. i'm thankful for that. i want the truth. >> we all do.
7:41 am
that's why the public is saying can't we just wait to get the autopsy results. nancy, thank you, as always, for wanting to come on. dan, thank you, again. to sam. pictures out of southern, california, snow. east of l.a. in the higher elevations, east of san diego, a quick hit of snow coming out of there as well. that snow system kind of moves into the mountains of new mexico here. santa fe, albuquerque. the area of low pressure moves in. a certain amount of rain fall into the northeast. 49 in new york. 46 in boston. >> and we'll have more from sam coming up. also coming up, the latest
7:42 am
on the honeymoon murder trial. come on back. what's this? [ male announcer ] quaker oatmeal squares have 46 grams of whole grains... mmmm. ...and a touch of sweetness. you'll be delighted to discover how good they taste. get your free sample of quaker oatmeal squares on facebook.
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♪ more on the honeymoon murder trial in alabama. gabe watson is accused of cutting off his wife's air supply while they were scuba diving. >> reporter: for the first time, jurors heard gabe watson's account of the day his wife died.
7:46 am
prosecutors played the interrogation tape in court. >> this kucurrent is tronger th what we should be diving in. just pretty much lost it. >> reporter: australian police officer ken gerringer was a first responder. >> she was still many her equipment at the time. the regular larlt was still in her mouth. the mask was still on her face. >> reporter: all of tina's diving equipment was working properly. rather than believe gabe's story that tina panicked, they found his actions suspicious. the focus, his dive computer. a wristwatch-like dive monitor. he said it was sounding alarm. prosecutors believe it was a ruse to get her away from other diver in the water. that is the key.
7:47 am
defense attorneys say because police failed to test that computer. the manufacturer says it can beep in the condition where the batteries are not properly installed. that is when they started to suspect. >> thanks, elizabeth. we'll be right back. what ? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it ? hello ? hello ?! if your bank doesn't let you talk to a real person 24/7, you need an ally. hello ? ally bank. no nonsense. just people sense.
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good morning, everyone. happy thursday to you. satellite and radar picking up chock full of clouds right now and also some rain back towards the west. that will begin to push into our area i'd say later into the morning, especially into the afternoon we will be getting some wet weather out of it. ahead of it we are getting some warmer air, some milder air moving in. we will have that cold front move through and that area of low pressure. we will be having a rough commute here. future trend going to pick up on the rain. still going to be out there by 5:00, 6:00, and then it pushes out of here, so your friday
7:57 am
looks much dryer, we get plenty of sunshine in the forecast for you as well, and then all eyes are going to be watching this next storm that will be moving in here, possibly as we go into saturday evening into sunday, brings us the potential for some rain and also some snow to the area. temperature come coming in today right around 50 degrees and it will be breezy with winds out of the south. now here's angela. reporter: good morning to you, lynette. good morning, everyone. out on the roads right now a lot of congestion. we're okay in terms of accidents, just a few fender benders around the city and counties. as far as delays go here's what we've got, a live look at the beltway, heavy and slow on the north side of 695. this is a live look at providence road. your trip from 795 to baltimore national pike, this is actually the west side will take you at least 13 minutes. now up on the north side. no accidents to report on 695, but just a lot of drivers out there tapping the brakes, making their way over to i-83. and if you're going away from the beltway on i-83, cars are lining up, making that
7:58 am
southbound drive into the city. we're well below posted speed until after you pass cold spring lane. we'll be back in 25 minutes with another update.
7:59 am
8:00 am
nice crowd out in times square. you hear that little girl, you better wait awhile little girl. that's cindy crawford's mom. we thought she was set to follow in her mom's footsteps. cindy is saying, think we will wait a little bit. >> that walk, bianna. how do they make it look so effortless? >> i don't know. >> we have the weekend team here. >> one of the joys of my life is heckling her across the way. >> you can do it as easily on a thursday as you can on a saturday. also ahead this morning,
8:01 am
cameron mathison, counting down to oscar sunday. by adding up the years. wait until you see his startling transformation with hollywood's makeup magician. even his wife could not believe her eyes seeing cam looking 30 years older. we'll show you later. >> 30 years older. that's big. also big, tory johnson is here with our deals and steals segment for viewers. up to 30% off on some things. i know dan harris is looking forward to that griddle. >> i do a lot of cooking. she didn't look to happy with that 30 years. >> josh is trying to get better. that's why dan is here. bring us the news. breaking news overnight. a warning about arsenic in baby formula. a new study out from dartmouth college. they tested 17 organic formulas.
8:02 am
two of them had dangerously high levels of arsenic. the main ingredient in both was organic brown rice syrup. it's toxic to babies because they're so small. if you buy organic, look for a product that does not contain the organic brown rice syrup. gm reporting the highest profit ever. $7.6 billion last year. important to get that right. a 60% increase from the year before. speaking of michigan. that is the site of the next big republican primary. we hear that the governor of michigan will endorse mitt romney today. he is trailing rick santorum. romney supporters are releasing a flurry of negative ads. santorum is out with one of his own. he's showing a romney look-alike
8:03 am
in a warehouse firing mud pellets. this is massive fire in connecticut. the flames tearing through this armt building in matter of seconds. two people had to jump out of their windows to escape. we're told everybody managed to get out in time. some good news there. the coroner's office in l.a. has subpoenaed whitney houston's medical and pharmacy records. the coroner says the subpoenas are only a formality. there's no evidence that she was doctor shopping for extra prescription drugs. her funeral on saturday will be streamed live over the internet. the mother of a missing toddler from maine pointing finger this is morning. ayla reynolds disappeared from her father's home. the mother now says that the
8:04 am
father took out a life shirns policy that same week. he insists he doesn't know where ayla is. get ready to pay more to fly. southwest raised prices by ten bucks. other airlines usually follow. american airlines already has. it's only february. and a sign of the times, a new survey says that bay bithe end of the year, there will be more smart phones on the face of the earth than people. >> how can that be? >> i have 17 dead cell phones in one of my drawers at home. let's go to diane with a preview of tonight's "world news." coming up, a painless way to treat disease. is it possible to throw way the pill bottles? see the whole picture. it's new. tonight on "world news." finally, brace yourself.
8:05 am
this is the craziest road sign in all of america. this speed limit sign basically requires a lawyer to decipher. the low dmals suburban detroit are freaking out. they're recommending alternatives like a flashing yellow light that says slow down to 25 when this light is flashing. unclear if those suggestions will be welcomed. >> is that true? >> that is legit. >> you have to slow down read it. it's ingenious. >> clover sprouts are an alternative to alfafa sprouts. >> in for lara, our weekend anchor, bianna golodryga, is here. we're going to start with oscar countdown. tinsel town's hottest will stop
8:06 am
by one of the biggest afterparties in town. "jimmy kimmel live." the guest of honor, oprah. meryl streep, george clooney. charlize theron. i want to know what you're going to be wearing. >> i still don't know what i'm going to be wearing. >> we're going to try every day. >> you'll look gorgeous in anything. i know that. >> thank you, darling. ed a ed and a sneak peek of week's modern family. >> i never really got dolls. does that make me weird? >> you just skipped to a little girl stage. >> and jumped to the i dare you to ring a doorbell stage. >> the only stage you're going to jump on has a pole on it. >> at least i have a body. we have to settle this in court. the food court. the honorable judge cinnabon
8:07 am
presidi presiding. >> the food court smells like the inside of luke's bicycle helmet. >> we're not going to -- >> oh, haley's version. i thought you said -- never mind. >> yeah, we know what she thought she said. i think that was ad libbed. wednesday, 9:00 p.m., abc. finally, george stephanopoulos, this one is for you. you probably now your wife was on jay leno talking about her new book. she had to dish about your first date. let's hear what she had to say. >> i was single for the first time. i know. how could this be on the market for more than two minutes? but i was. i was single. agent date here, an actor date here. somebody said, let me set you up with my exboyfriend. and i said who is that?
8:08 am
she said, george stephanopoulos. and i said, no, thank you. >> why? >> i grew up in the world of politics. i knew who he was. i was not interested. i wanted to be mr. hugh grant. >> sorry, honey. >> she said you were a serial date person you went on to date the entire of long island. >> what did i do? >> nothing. she won. she won with you. >> thank you, very, very much. >> the man is speechless. >> i have never seen him this red. sam? we have a few followup questions from the audience, george. i would not do that to you. good morning, everybody. a nice crowd. let it out, cheer it out! there you go. let's get to the boards.
8:09 am
we have some warm temperatures all over the country. that's no surprise. 74 in new orleans. 76 in tallahassee. this rain-maker will hang out. by the week end, it curves up the eastern seaboard. does it pull down cold air? does it mix and become a snowstorm? we have to watch. some models say it does. some say it does
8:10 am
>> it always makes my day. thank you, for coming by and saying high. bianna? here's a look at what's ahead on the "gma morning menu." why is cindy crawford pulling her 10-year-old daughter out of the business? and makeup artist transforms cam ron mathison. and steals and deals. you don't want to miss it. introducing coffee-mate natural bliss. ♪ made with only milk... cream... a touch of sugar... and pure natural flavors. ♪ who knew being natural could be so delicious?
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8:14 am
cindy crawford's 10-year-old
8:15 am
daughter made headlines all over the world when she fold many her mom's footsteps by shooding an ad campaign for versace. now mom is saying not so fast on the modeling career. >> reporter: cindy crawford spoke out in fashion week. she admitted 10 years old may be a little young. and addressed her own concerns about maybe becoming a stage mom. that face. that pose had the country doing a double take. some in the fashion world proclaimed a new "it" girl. cindy crawford's daughter kaia looking every bit the spitting image of her mom. >> what is fantastic and almost jaw-dropping about the ad is she looks almost exactly like cindy. from the hair to the pose. >> reporter: all the attention caught her famous mother offguard. she told magazine, she did one picture and it ended up going everywhere. i didn't quite understand how
8:16 am
much media play it would get. they were very smart to choose her. >> i think she has an incredible career if she wants it. >> reporter: but no so fast. crawford first introduced baby kaia in this pepsi ad revealed her modeling days are over for now. she's too young to pursue a career. but if she's 17 and wants to try it, what can i say. she said kind of jokingly, i might model first because you don't have to know what to do. then i want to be a baby nurse. cindy said, i didn't want to be stage mom and make her nervous. i want her to have that experience. she said none of today's modeled don't remind her of herself,
8:17 am
because, fortunately, they don't look like her? >> it's a wise decision all the way around. >> there's plenty of time. as we count down to oscar sunday, we're giving you an inside look of what goes into the making of your favorite movies of the year. this morning, the amazing makeup artist that transformed glenn close into man in the movie "albert nobbs." oscar nominee matthew mungle. cam met him. he joins us from l.a. we can't way to see your transformation, cam. >> that's right. and matthew mungle gave us a sneak peek into his hollywood makeup studio. through the power of special effects makeup, he gave me a little sneak peek into my own future. he turns movie stars into monsters. but to make a young man old --
8:18 am
>> dog ate my homework. >> reporter: and he even made arnold schwarzenegger pregnant. >> oh! >> reporter: his los angeles studio is part science lab, part arts studio. part -- well, there's no word for this. >> he's our bloated man. >> reporter: a bucket full of skulls? this place feels normal to you? how did you get into this business? >> when i was a kid, about 10, 11 years old, i loved monster movies. and then, of course, "planet of the apes" came out in 1968. that's all she wrote. i was hooked. >> reporter: me won an oscar for the makeup in "dracula." and when something terrible happens to someone on "csi" he's
8:19 am
usually behind it. you're looking this a little too much. the walls of his work space are lined with the face casts of the stars he's worked on. you haven't worked with all of them? >> i would say 80%. >> reporter: they can create just about anything. >> this is our sculpting wicked room. we make all the masks for most of the productions of "wicked." >> what is your name? >> albert. >> reporter: the remarkable feat of turning glenn close into a man in "albert nobbs." >> who is the lucky lady? >> i love doing subtle makeups. for the audience to say, i didn't know they were wearing anything, then i've succeeded. >> reporter: what was it like when you saw a finished "albert nobbs "? >> i got teary-eyed. >> reporter: what do you do to
8:20 am
age someone. >> i look at the face and say, what is going drop first. gravity is not our friend. >> reporter: can you look into a crystal ball to how i will age. >> i can see your neck. ear lobe go long. one, two, three, four, five, six wrinkles. >> really? really, you have to count them. >> and your hair is going to recede. >> reporter: it's a lot to take. in my mind's eye, i'm still this guy. do i even want to know? >> we're going start with putting your hair back. spraying water in it. ♪ >> reporter: in an hour and half, i'm aging 30 years. >> this is the time it all comes together. you feel like dr. frankenstein. >> reporter: it looks so real.
8:21 am
and a little scary for me. i guess we live partially in a sense of denial of growing orlando. but this is coming. so realistic. it's kind of a little shocking. what would bit like for my wife, vanessa, waiting for me in the next room. after all, she married this guy. >> i am nervous. i don't know why. it's a little strange feeling. i feel like i'm getting a glimpse of the future. >> reporter: a future where i have gone there this, to this. here i am. 70 years old. i'm feeling like emotional about vanessa seeing me. it's weird. i don't know what, all of a sudden, we're just having fun here. at the same time, it's weird. >> oh, my gosh. that is -- unbelievable. >> still me. hi. >> hi. >> you said you would stick with
8:22 am
me until the end. this is what you're going to be stuck with. >> happily. i'll love you even more. >> reporter: reality. for now, i can wash it all off. very, very surprising to experience the power of this elaborate makeup and what it can do to the emotionings. to look in the mirror and see that old man looking back at me. very moving. easy to imagine how it can help an actor get deeper into character. and motivating for the anti-aging products. >> can we see the photo in the convertible again? your wife loves you. she loves you. that's apparent. i'll see you soon, cam. and from the best makeup to the best movie, you can see it all on oscar sunday, february
8:23 am
26th, 7:00 eastern on abc. >> i thought he looked good for 70. >> he looked great. one more what they facebook is changing our lives. anyone that's tried to adopt a child knows how challenging that process can be. more and more couples are finding out they can smooth the path to the new family by using the social network. adopting babies on facebook. >> over the years, facebook is an integral part of our daily lives. in some case, it can reunite families or help make new ones. we were touched by how a young couple, desperate to start family, found the answer to their prayers through the social networking site. they're in the alone. >> who is faster, helicopter or superman? >> they look like the happiest conventional family in america. bomb, dad, and baby. >> he's way at the top. >> reporter: how this family was
8:24 am
foreigned is about as unconventional as you can imagine. melissa and seth adopted their son through facebook. yes, facebook. hundreds of couples are doing the same. couples are creating online videos to post on youtube. a far eye from the days of posting ads in a local paper like in the movie "juno." >> you should look at adoption ads. i see them all the time in the pennysaver. >> reporter: unable to conceive and ultimately losing twins in childbirth. >> i remember thinking that i would never smile again. that i will never get through it. >> reporter: but the couple did not give up. determined to have a child, they decided on a private adoption. >> you're supposed to tell everyone you know. a couple of times our toll free number rang and it was the wrong number. >> reporter: after months of waiting with no responses, seth, a facebook novice who at the
8:25 am
time had only 40 friends, posted the adoption flyer on their site. it was reposted by his friend, john. >> a friend of john's, who john hadn't spoken to in 20 years, saw the flyer. she said, i work with a couple i know the woman doesn't have plan for her baby. would you like to talk to her? >> reporter: they jumped at the opportunity. they met with her the next day. >> we had to ask the personal questions. >> all the tough questions. >> our lawyer told us what to ask. >> reporter: she decided seth and melissa should adopt her baby. in a mt. eveatter of weeks, the adoption was under way. >> she kept saying, he's pefrt. >> we got to hold him right way. from the moment he was given to us, we felt like he was ours. >> he was. >> reporter: molly and john connelly struggled to adopt for five years.
8:26 am
until they started a group on facebook. the couple shared their story with facebook engineers at the headquarters last year. >> on the facebook she saw, they're real people, here's their story. they have friends. >> the internet is changing adoption forever. >> reporter: adam pertman wrote the book "adoption nation." >> if it's part of an informed process, it's a wonderful tool. >> you want to show me this book in. >> reporter: they know they were very lucky to find a birth mother quickly through facebook. they're hoping for a second facebook baby now. who is that? that's eyou. ♪ hakuna matata >> reporter: another story with happy ending.
8:27 am
. good morning, much. happy thursday to you. maryland's most powerful radar has some -- had some showers earlier today. we got a break and now we're getting active again. we have a few showers now coming into hartford county, around bel aire, jarrettsville. if you're along i-83, getting some wet weather across that area as well. we will have more rain, steadier rain coming in here as we go into the afternoon. temperatures, though, in the upper 30s to right around 40. let's get a check now of your traffic with angela. good morning. reporter: good morning to you, lynette. out on the roads for this thursday morning drive, a lot of congestion around the beltway. also folks trying to get into downtown, if you're making the drive on the jones expressway right now, stacked in from the beltway. it opens up as you approach
8:28 am
28th street and no relief in sight on the west side of 695 here at baltimore national pike. and here's a live look downtown at gilford and madison for folks making their way into the city this morning. charley, over to you. we could learn more today about a possible case of tuberculosis at unbc. the university is now working with baltimore county department of health to isolate the person involve and notify those who may have come in contact with him or her. the symptoms, tb can cause a cough, chest pain, weight loss, chills, night sweats as well as a fever. if you feel any of these, go to your doctor. bge crews have been working around the clock to get gas restored to hundreds who lost it after a gas line broke on tuesday. officials said the line is fixed and they have to flush out any water lines and remove debris so they can get things working back properly. they'll go door to door throughout the day to make sure residents have gas back up and running. time now to go back to new york for for "good morning america." we'll have one more check in a
8:29 am
half hour. have a good morning, everyone.
8:30 am
♪ we would know that tune anywhere. so many marriages, divorces, all those spicy affairs for these three guys right here. the men of "desperate housewives" have had their share of troubles with love. they're joining us to fill us in on the final season. shaking things up on wisteria lane. so wonderful to have you here. can't believe it's coming to an end. remember when it started? >> yeah. i know. also, rachael ray celebrating a milestone. her 10,000th show. her 1,000th. you look great.
8:31 am
300 years old, fantastic. >> that was regis. >> she'll have to share with rege. >> she'll share a whole lot of things that went right, including three of her top requested recipes. show me the money. people find piles of money. tomorrow, bigger than ever before. get this, $1 million. all given away in just one morning. could our "show me the money" team be knocking on your door tomorrow? let's get over to robin with deals and steals. >> thank you for stretching so i could get over here, appreciate that. a little winded. just over a week until oscar sunday. so many folks will have watching parties. this week's "deals and steals" has everything you need to primp like the stars. tory johnson, once again, i know
8:32 am
i'm sounding like a broken record. these are great bargains. on the website. as long as sup plies last. >> you have to use the special codes you can only find at on yahoo!. and we have bonus deals you don't see here. >> we start here. a lot of the stars are getting facials. >> everyone is getting one right now. if you want to do it yourself at home. this is a really powerful little sucker. this can do the trick for you. we do the trick with an incredible deal on this particular denice. it's expensive to begin with. $209 and 18 bonus gifts. we're slashing it by 70%. $62 and free shipping. jessica chastain and melissa mccarthy all have these in their hands. shape wear. full disclosure. look at this thing you got going
8:33 am
on. >> i do have a pair. i put it on this morning. there's a little phrase that goes along with it. >> wow, not ow. >> it feels good. >> suck it in a little bit. yummy tummy is synonymous. tyra banks has said, lose five pounds in five seconds. we'll trim your tummy and the price. regularly $36 to $88 depending on the piece you select. $18 to $44. and free shipping. that's a wow, too. >> i'm glad you used this shape, not mine. >> look at this. look at this. >> very, very comfy. clutches. you'll be there. you have been there. clutches are on everybody. our friends at ideally have
8:34 am
these clutches. these look like a million bucks. originally, the price is $20 to $30. we're slashing that in half. $10 to $15. >> are you serious? >> in addition to the clutches, you'll find scarfs, too. >> i wish people could see this up close. you can really imagine seeing this on the red carpet. >> maybe you will. >> we love the jewelry. bigger rings. >> a huge celebrity following. our own control room's eyeing these things. >> they've come down here. >> they're going to want to order these. look at the prices. regularly, $80. slashed by69%. $25. and what i love about them, they're very light weight.
8:35 am
they're resin stones. they're extremely light weight. i have seen wolf gang use this. >> the governor's ball. the chef to the stars. he use this is exact device. it's a griddle and grill in one. you have the grill here, the griddle on the other side. flip it over. wolfgang has hooked us up. it's regularly $150. slashed to only -- $70. 53% savings. and you'll get free shipping in the continental united states. hello. >> until sup plies last. >> we see scotty. >> really good. delicious. >> you promise you're not just saying it. >> cake shooter. you get to eat your cup cake or cake just like that. no mess, no fuss. very decadent, a la hollywood.v.
8:36 am
$18 per dozen. limit of three dozen per order. also available in gluten free. you know where to find them, right? on yahoo!. >> dan harris, come over. he wants one so badly. >> what flavor? >> i'll just take all of them. >> you can get the links and codes you need on on yahoo!. while there, you can get the latest on the race for oscar. tune in on oscar sunday to see the academy awards right here on abc. sam? >> robin, tory? don't leave, robin, until i -- put in an order for one of the grills for me. i'm not sure about the cake.
8:37 am
good morning, gang. a nice crowd. this, i did not notice. are those elves? >> they are. >> it's a little offseason. tell me your name? >> pam. >> anything special? >> the new york toy fair. we're here. >> not offseason. we're ahead of season. let's get to the boards. here's some things going on. the twitter pictures and facebook. from lower manhattan, looking to brooklyn. look how gorgeous that is this morning. also, a beautiful picture from california. the milder temperatures swing through southern california today. the heat is on. back up to 70s on friday. vegas just barely into the 60s. times square, it's dry until lunchtime.
8:38 am
>> i really would rather have the grill. becky, i'm giving you the cake shooter. tell me if it work out for you. haul that weather was brought to you by rosetto stone. >> i will arm-wrestle you over the grill. come in here and we'll go for it right here. all right? coming up, and we're going to do it. the men of "desperate housewives" here live. [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable and enjoying it less and less? stop paying for second best.
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8:41 am
well, it's sad but true. it's almost time the say good-bye to our good friends on wisteria lane. this morning, we thought we would turn our attention away from the women and towards the men who helped make the show a fan favorite. joining us this morning, james denton, rick card doe chavira and doug savant.
8:42 am
eight seasons. >> 20 minutes in special effects getting his hair done. >> really? >> and you're just off the plane. >> i did the red eye. got in an hour ago. >> i've been watching the three of you off cram bonding. you really have a close connection. eight seasons. what do you thing about this show that kept you together? >> we lived. the three of us survived it. we have killed 52 characters, i was told last week. just the fact that none of us was killed is great. >> being on the show is like being in a mine shaft. >> we were all in the pilot, right? >> from day one. >> murder, death, blindness, coma. >> divorce. jail. >> are you going to make to it the finish line? final episode in may? >> we're there. it looks like it. don't jinx us.
8:43 am
>> any hints on what to expect? >> the best thing about the end of it is bringing back a lot of really good angters from the beginning of the series people haven't seen in awhile. i think people are responding. >> there are going to be great reappearances of old characters into the last couple of episodes. >> in flashback and some are still alive. we've killed off a lot of really good actors. >> you take risks every time you sign on to a new show. what did you think with this one? what inspired you to join? >> i had done two abc pilots in a row that were one year and out. one year and out. it was a tough time for the network. think "who wants to be a millionaire" was airing four nights a week. they did great job promoting it and casting the right women. we got lucky.
8:44 am
>> i had just gotten out of grad school. i was thank to feel have a job. then i see all the promo going on in los angeles about a month, month and half prior. i was like, the show will do really, really well. or it will tank really bad. >> let's tackke a look. >> you've totally ruled out keeping it. >> yes, totally. >> and i get no say in the matter. >> now you're talking. >> you need to stop hassling her. >> i wish i could do something to keep her from giving this baby away. hey, what if i talked to the father. >> susan -- >> does he even know that she's doing this? maybe if i find him i sell him, he'll stop her. >> that's a very bad idea. >> says you. >> there you are. >> you look great in that sweater. >> you look fantastic. >> you're always bailing susan
8:45 am
out. >> i'm not complaining. it's been a good gig. teri is brilliant. >> you're really hot, too, by the way. just so you know that. >> look at this man love. you mentioned man love and teri. i want to talk about your wives. not the characters. the actresses. i want a lightning round. tell us something about the actresses. >> a lightning round with this iq wattage? >> tell us something about teri we don't know. >> i feel like i'm stroking her again. she's always doing a charity event. it's unbelievable to me, nonstop, every day, every night, she's coming or going to a charity event. she doesn't tell anybody. it's commendable. >> okay, eva longoria. >> he's really my ventriloquist puppet. no, think, and i have told her this. she is recently really gone back and gotten her degrees and
8:46 am
continued her education. and i'm so proud of that she's done that and all the stuff that she's doing with the latino community in regards to polit s politics. >> fellow texan. felicity huffman. >> what you don't know? she can drink you under the table. >> eight incredible seasons. can't wait to see the finale. continue bonding on the couch here. "desperate housewives" airs on sunday nights pop to see more photos of the men, go to on yahoo!. coming up, rachael ray celebrates a big milestone with one of her [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable and enjoying it less and less? stop paying for second best. upgrade to verizon fios and get tv, internet and phone
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for an incredible price: just $89.99 a month for two years with a two-year agreement. it's an amazing deal, but it's for a limited time only. so don't wait. want to save even more? call right now and we'll add a special bonus: $300 back. unlike cable, fios delivers a 100% fiber-optic network to your home. get america's fastest, most consistent, most reliable internet, plus the best tv picture quality, and more hd. why keep paying so much for cable? switch to fios for just $89.99 a month for two years with a two-year agreement. save $600 in your first two years. and don't forget your special bonus: $300 back. hurry, offer ends march 3rd. call 1.877.827.fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities that's 1.877.827.3467. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. fios. a network ahead.
8:48 am
big congratulations to one of our best "gma" friends today.
8:49 am
rachael ray is here to celebrate 1,000 episodes. >> so exciting. six years in the making. >> two emmys. >> that's right. we were chatting over the break. i bet with our partners at food network, between 11 years there and the daytime show, we're probably at 2,000 and change. >> you are closing in on rejis. >> i still have 14,000 left to go. my staff came up with great plan. the show airs monday, our 1,000th episode. i literally walked in and didn't know what was -- >> all surprised. >> total surprise. oprah is the reason, she got us started 1,000 shows ago. i can't believe it. it was really exciting. you have to watch. i will say in 1,000 episodes it was the first time they gave me the day off. didn't have to cook. >> you were surprised?
8:50 am
>> i had zero idea. there was not one audience member in the studio. i started to well up. i almost cried for myself.what'? >> we started the children's initiative with president clinton. michael jachlt fox, dancing cheek to cheek with michael j. fox is good. having oprah in an elevator, come on. >> here's some of the bloopers. >> i want to know why you were booing my creation? seerlsly? >> they complimented your flatulas. i mean, your spatulas. they complemented your spatulas. >> find a hard surface. you go like this a few times, and it starts to push that cork out. >> i see.
8:51 am
keep going. it's cool. oh. mazel tov. >> yeah! >> and then you pick it out of your shoe. >> that was my friend joe. it worked beautifully during the rehearsal. and then i owed him pair of shoes. nice shoes, too. they were italian-made. that cost me about 600 bucks. >> it lives forever. >> we have to most down loaded. your favors? >> the viewers' favorites. several of the shows, we have two, three, four, ten recipes in a show. these three dishes were in the top three. buffalo chicken chili. kids love that. spinach and artichoke mac and cheese.
8:52 am
and pretzel crusted chick. breasts. that was made by jessica simpson. it was the person stirring the sauce. >> they're trying it. what is your favorite? >> what do you think? you did an online poll. >> if pretzel crust is good. >> you think the buffalo chicken chili? >> have you ever considered doing a pushup cake? >> mentally noted. what do you think people probably downloaded the most? >> this chili is good. >> everybody would think chili. it reigned supreme for years. it's the spinach artichoke mac and cheese. isn't that amazing? think about it. spinach artichoke dip, anybody loves that. mac and cheese, everybody loves. >> congratulations again.
8:53 am
monday, 1,000th show. three of rachel's top recipes by going to goo hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
lucky number seven. >> 283 shows between three jobs in one year. >> that was my personal best. >> congratulations. a big, big day tomorrow. our million-dollar event. more money than we have ever shone you before. good morning, everyone. happy thursday to you.
8:57 am
we do have some active weather on the satellite and radar this morning. we do have some rain back off towards the west, mixed precipitation up towards the north into pennsylvania at this time. but our main concern is the fact that we will have more rain moving in here into the morning and also into the afternoon. ahead of the cold front you see back towards the west there, we will start to warm up a bit. temperatures will be in the 50s once again. an area of low pressure will slide through the area. and by your commute home, yes, we still will be getting some wet weather out there. but we will be seeing more sunshine, more clearing as we go in through the overnight into tomorrow, your friday. but for today temperature coming in right around 50 degrees, and we will be mild and breezy as those winds will pick up out of the south. tonight the temperature coming in right around 37 degrees, lingering showers, but then we will start to clear out nicely. here's the forecast for tomorrow. we will be right around 52 degrees, a sun/cloud mix, still breezy and mild. let's check out traffic now with angela. good morning. reporter: good morning to you, lynette. as we try to wrap up the rush hour, it's been a very busy
8:58 am
morning. still dealing with two accidents, one in howard county at maryland 32 and river road. also city police on the scene of a crash at mulberry and carrie. in the meantime, traveling around the beltway, not easing up on thed. we are on the brakes from the outer loop, 795 to baltimore national pike where we're looking live, that's still a very heavy flow of traffic. for those of you making the drive on the top side, here's providence road where things are still a little bit heavy, thinning out just a little as you make your way over toward york road. heading into downtown, we are looking pretty good on the jfx, but getting reports of heavy traffic northbound 395 making the drive in from 95. here's a look at fayette and st. paul streets.
8:59 am


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